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If you’re an amazing gamer, you’re probably watching during the broadcast!  Even if you’re just a beginner, you can brand your channel like a pro right from the start. Unique your style by showing off your custom twitch overlay design as well as a red twitch overlay!  You can fully customize your account using photo retouch house service on a budget!  Select the twitch overlay or buy custom twitch overlay from PRH design house that best for your streaming method and personality.

what is twitch overlay

What Is a Twitch?

Twitch is an online game streaming site where gamer and viewers from all over the world come together.  You know, Twitch has changed the whole look of gaming over the last few years.  Twitch’s best-known streamers are making huge sums of money just playing their favorite games.

Have you seen news crews uploading live footage of news on TV?  The idea of ​​a simple twitch overlay is the same.  Upload live footage of games or meals to the Twitch panel.  The popularity of twitch panels is increasing in today’s world.

Twitch is basically known as social media to almost all visitors to the site.  It has a lot of users to play and watch games most of the time.  Therefore, its popularity is way too much. You can also make money from the site by creating a channel on Twitch if you are interested.

What is Twitch Overlay?

Maybe we’re on our own. Let’s come back for a moment. First, what is a twitch overlay?  You see this border or frame around the player’s webcam, well that’s it!  It’s like putting a mask on your stream and it looks great! All right?  Choose your own stream overlay with this Twitch Overlay Maker!

Join our Twitch Overlay templates with an excellent experience.

The playlist has lots of stream overlay templates that you can choose from. From classic gaming style to retro design! Check out a few twitch stream overlays below and choose a template to start customizing!

A twitch overlay is basically a frame around a photo taken with your web camera. In other words, it’s a 1080p graphics frame sitting on top of your webcam and in the game’s capture window. This gives an external layer mask to your stream. And under it, you can put things that line up well and give a beautiful look.

However, if you want to stream your favorite game on Twitch, Twitch Overlay should be considered the most important thing. Because whenever your viewers come in contact with your channel, they will see the overlay first. That’s why you should use a professional twitch overlay on your twitch channel.

Twitch Overlays for Stream Players

Twitch Interactive offers players to use borders and twitch overlays to customize their accounts very quickly. Therefore, most well-known Twitch players choose the best Twitch overlays that reflect their style, gaming power, personality, etc.

And you must see that most streamers submit their custom build twitch overlays. People are new to Stream or Twitch World; they mostly use free overlays just for fun. On the other hand, experienced veterans are using custom twitch overlays.

You can also do a custom twitch overlay according to your budget and personality, gaming power, etc. The more money you invest, the happier the overlay will be.  You will see that most designers are creating custom twitch overlays for just one game.

But in our case, you can use these twitch overlays no matter which game you want. In that case, it is wise to invest some money behind any service we provide. Who knows, maybe your design attracts the best players in the blink of an eye and they follow you?

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Everything for Your Gaming Channel Is Right Here

To Buy custom twitch overlay choose any color or give an example that suits your style and personality to begin customizing.

You can customize all your colors like user icons, grant icons, accent colors, and your original color.  Type your text in the boxes.

Just hire twitch overlay designer from our team. our  when you’re 100% happy with your design and share it now!

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Features of Our twitch overlay template Service:

=> We have in house Twitch Overlay Experts

=> Our all experts working in this field from couple of years. 

=> While making a Twitch Overlay template for you, we consider the game you play

=> We always provide design for our clients requirements. 

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=> We never compromise with the quality of our work at all. 

=> We offer reasonable twitch overlay template make service. 

  1. Dark Matter
  2. No Man’s Sky Overlay
  3. Raptor
  4. Bitter Jungle
  5. Free Stuff
  6. Haunted Twitch Overlay
  7. Free Own Twitch Overlay
  8. Orbitron
  9. Cyan
  10. Ghost Rising
  11. God of War YouTube and Twitch Overlay.
  12. Triassic

A few simple steps to create a twitch overlay

As you move forward for buy custom twitch overlay, you will look to create an overlay by yourself.  We will!  You don’t have to worry about it. In this article, you will find the most straightforward steps to sort or create your custom overlay.

You can simply create your overlay for streaming on Twitter using Photoshop. Additionally, if you do an overlay with the following method, your overlay is compatible with all types of games. In short, it will work on both YouTube gaming as well as the mixer. Let’s see the methods without wasting any more time:

Have you finished creating a frame for your camera?  At this phase, the Twitch banner builders decorate the text to the banner.  In the case of Twitch Overlay, you can add text anywhere in your banner wherever you want.  You can create a new level.  Then name the layer “Text”. You will find the text tool in the toolbar on the left.  If you do not get the text tool, you can go the other way and press press

Now you have created a text box.  Go to the window panel and select the character.  Why would you choose the character?  You need to adjust the font size and font color.  Then type the text in the text box.  Now move your text level to the position of your choice.


It’s time to adjust the level options.  You must select mixing options.  Now right-click on the layer to select blending options.  If you want to create a shadow at the bottom of your writing, try the drop shadow effect.  Do you want to create more layers?  Duplicate your text levels.

We will!  If you are new to Photoshop, I suggest you take a look at the layer guides in Photoshop.  On the other hand, if you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop, Gimp would be the best choice for you.  GIMP is powerful

Unfortunately, you don’t need Photoshop if you choose GIMP to make your Twitch overlay.  Yes!  Only with GIMP can the whole project be managed and completed.  But make sure you get a complete idea of ​​using those tools first in the Gimp Tools Guides.  These devices are somewhat different from all other devices.

We’ll move on to the steps of creating twitch overlays with Photoshop.  With that said, let’s start making the canvas first.  Open your Photoshop and create a new image while maintaining the same size as your screen resolution.

You can take a screenshot of your running game and leave it in Photoshop.  You will get the screenshot and then click on the File and Place option and then select the screenshot you want.  Then drag and stretch that particular image to the border of the canvas (full size).

To add a top bar to your twitch overlay, you can create a new layer and then name it ‘Top Banner’. Next, hold the Rectangular tool in the menu on the left.  Also, from the same list, you will get a color selector.  Select it and choose your background color.

What did you do now, press the mouse button to the right of your mouse and point to the level and then select the mixed options?  This option is used to give boundaries around overlay objects.  After that, the menu will appear, select the stroke there.  And give the stroke a certain width and color that suits your preferences.

When it’s done, press the V letter on your keyboard to allow the move tool to start.  And then drag the banner above.  Make sure it has some space after you, select the top banner layer and reduce its opacity by about 75 percent.  We will!  This technique will help make the overlay look more dynamic.

Once you have completed the top bar you can quickly go for the banners below.  Point to the banner above and press the right mouse button.  And select the duplicate layer.  Next, name that layer ‘Bottom Right Banner.’ Next, move the banner through the same process and place it at the bottom of your screen.

To make it more accurate, press the Ctrl key while you are pulling the banner.  Do not overlap the banner with any other game stuff.

Then, ‘Follow the same procedure as the bottom right banner’ Create a banner at the bottom left and place it in place but make sure you name that layer ‘Bottom Left Banner.’ Our basic overlay is now complete.

Once you have completed the upper and lower levels, you can go for the camera frame.  And to create a camera frame, as usual, you need to select a new layer and name it ‘Camera Frame’ after that, press Shift and drag the sheet with the rectangle tool.

The shift key gives a perfect square shape to hold and pull.  And you know very well how you need the right way for your frame.  Next, right-click on the level and select the mixed option.  In the mixed option, choose the stroke again.  But here, you have to choose the inner option from the drop-down menu of the position.


Then choose the width and color as you want and then click on the level option and fill in the zero percent.  It will be transparent leaving only the frame.  After completing these steps, you can now use the Move tool to move it wherever you want to place it.

Bottom Line

Everything is here for your gaming channel

Are you ready for your custom twitch overlay?  Don’t stop there!  You can brand your gaming channel perfectly using Our service or using existing template!  Create your profile with our Avatar Maker, Twitch Offline Banner, Twitch Panel Template, Twitch Banner, and much more!  You can do so using Placit’s online image cropper if you need to crop or resize your images!

Twitch overlay price package 

Basic 5$

Title Overlay, Facecam
For logo check extra

Standard 20$

Title Overlay, Face cam, 5 Panels,
3 Alerts, Offline, Intermission.
*For logo check extra

Premium 40$

Full Twitch
overlay Package

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