Raster to Vector Service

The best way to enlarge a blurry image or a photo is to enlarge it by vector conversion. There are various images like, vehicle wraps, logos for banners, screen printing, print marketing materials, and more that needs to be enlarged. But after enlarging from the raster file, these images will lose quality if it is not done by vector conversion. 

The way photoshop converts raster to vector is time-consuming and tedious. This is why the raster to vector conversion service provides you bigger images with clean lines and fine details. The service saves your time and it doesn’t cost much either.

By using the vector conversion service, you can engrave your logo by creating a vector line up, enlarge any slogan or photo for the sign of your trade show, or screen print any emblem on t-shirts with clean vectors.

The process of converting raster to vector means changing raster files manually and recreating the files in vector format. It can also be done automatically but the results are not very satisfying. The best way to have a satisfying output is to recreate the image by experts’ hands.

Type of Vector Conversion Service

There are two types of vector conversion services available. Below are the details about both of them.

Hand-Drawn Image Conversion

This type of vector conversion deals with hand-drawn images. If the logo or a sign is drawn by hands but needs to be converted into graphics in the computer, then hand-drawn image conversion service is necessary. This is quite useful as many people like to draw the logos by hand first and then convert it to a graphic.

Real Photograph Conversion

In real photograph conversion service, images in the computer that are taken by the camera are converted from raster to vector. Sometimes, some photographs are needed to be converted to signs or logos. With the help of this conversion, this task can be done easily.

How Do We Do This

How our graphic designer do raster to vector conversion service with Photoshop

Why Convert to Vector?

There are many reasons for you to use the vector artwork conversion service and convert raster to vector. Below we have shown all the reasons in detail.

Converting Images into Graphic

For converting images (whether it is a hand-drawn or real image) vector conversion is very helpful. Because with the help of this conversion, you can have a clear image without the quality falling. If you don’t use vector conversion, the image may get damaged or blurry or unclear.

Lower the Costs of Printing

If you convert to a vector, you can lower the costs of printing because a reduced number of color plates are used here. So, there is less pressure on the printer and you get a high-quality image. Other conversions require more color plates which raises their costs too.

For Engraving

If you want to engrave something, vector conversion is the best way. Without providing the vector line art you cannot do engraving. This is why you need to convert to a vector to engrave anything.

Creating Sign or Logo

The most efficient way to create a logo or a sign for promoting your business is using vector conversion. Because vector conversion converts an image without sacrificing quality. Converting to a logo is quite difficult but with vector conversion, the quality always remains satisfactory. 

How Is the Vector Conversion Done?

Though vector conversion is a time killing job to do, it is the better option to have high-quality images. Below we will give you step by step instructions on how this conversion is done.

  • First, choose the raster image you want to edit and open it with photoshop.
  • Now choose a layer as the background.
  • You have to rasterize this layer in this step.
  • Now it’s time for you to choose the part you want to convert. For selecting a portion you can use any selecting tool you like. But we recommend the pen tool for this.
  • After you are done with the selection, right-click and select the option named “make selection”.
  • Now you have to set the feather radius to zero. 
  • Now make a layer mask with the selection tool but choose the layer instead of the mask.
  • Then you have to open the smart sharpen filter.
  • They choose the amount 152%, reduce noise 30% and radius 3.0 px.
  • In this step, you have to add the threshold adjustment layer.
  • When you add the layer, the image will become black and white.
  • Now you have to go back to the filter option again and choose the option “diffuse”.
  • Then repeat the same step.
  • This time apply the filter called “isotropic filter”.
  • You can make the images smoother by changing the threshold level. 
  • Merge all the layers.
  • Now create a solid white layer.
  • Using the brush tool, now you have to clear all the unnecessary layers.
  • In the next step, adjust all the edges selecting the mask layer.
  • Finally, resize the layer of the vector.

Why Choose Us?

We Ensure Quality: If you don’t get good quality clipping paths with detailed vector conversion, your brand will lose reputation. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Our raster to vector conversion service will give you the best quality conversion that you can ask for. You can rely on our quality with your eyes closed.

We Value Your Time: Sometimes you may not have a lot of time to spare. If you are in a hurry, we can help you cover your work within your deadlines. Our service provides the speediest customer service you can ask for. And we get the results quicker than you can imagine.

We Charge Very Low: Our raster to vector conversion service is affordable and budget-friendly. But don’t worry about the quality. We ensure the best quality within your budget. Whether you want one image or a thousand, we will not only maintain the quality of every image but also help you with your budget too.

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