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Best jewelry retouching service

Jewelry photo retouching is a usual technique to beautify ornaments. Under this service, professional jewelry photo retouching service providers take the right care. They sharpen the look of the jewelry items. In this present age, it is not possible to click the masterpiece. No matter what type of photo you click, you will need some post-photography tasks. And the similar approach matches Jewelry photography. 

Want to know more? 

best jewelry retouching service

In brief, jewelry photo retouching service is a complex process. It is the process of editing jewelry photos in a commercial manner. Finally, the photos will hold the attention of the clients. Unless you have some eye-catchy photos, you cannot expect to sell your products. And for ornaments or jewelry items, it is more applicable. So, you will need supports like Photoshop jewelry retouching. The service will make your photos look stunning. And in the end, you can sell your products to a profitable rate. 

jewelry background removal

Background Removal/clipping

This is the widely used process of photo editing. Under this process, the object of the photo is removed from the background. Clipping path process is completed using the pen tool. And it takes time to complete the entire clipping path process. we try to give you solid jewelry background for highlight your product more also remove all dust, and try to gem shine. Color adjustments is very important for Jewelary photo retouching service and we do it perfectly with natural color.

jewelary shadow creation service

Brightness & Shadow creation

Shadow brings a lively look on the photos. So, when you are looking for jewelry photo editing, shadows are must. They help to get the object to take the real-life look. Hence, the photo editors add the shadows on the jewelry objects. There are different types of shadows available. But the jewelry photo editors apply their hard-earned senses to determine the shadow type. Accordingly, they add the shadows on the object. Finally, you get the lively photo which can meet all your needs.

jewelary color adjustment service

Color adjustment/color change

The adjustment of color is another part of jewelry photo editing. It may happen that all the objects in the photo may not have the right color. Or, the color may turn pale in real-life. So, you need a boost in the color. The expert photo editors change the tone of the color. They add some lively color tone to hold the attention of the potential audiences. Simultaneously, the color adjustment process helps to change the outlook while the object in the image starts glowing.

jewelary dust remove

Jewelary dust remove/Lighting

The addition of dusts in metals or jewelry objects is a common fact. Most of such objects get the close contact of dust. But when you are exhibiting them in photos, there should be no dust. And the professional photo editors can help you out. They remove the dust from the objects. At the end, the photos look clear and fresh. In this way, they can attract the potential clients. But the opposite will happen when the objects will be filled with dust. They will lose appeal.

Other Types of jewelry photo retouching services we work

Metal color improvement : At times, there are metals on the objects or in the photos. Usually, they do not have an impressive look. But when you are dealing with them in photos, they must appear glittering. With the support of metal color improvement features, you can have it. The photo editors will change the color of the metals available in the image. But this is a lengthy process. And it takes time to complete the entire process. 

Lighting correction : On the other part, a professional photo editor arranges for proper lighting. But to some cases, this is not possible to get the proper amount of lighting. It needs some artificial touch. With the support of modern photo editing tools, the photo editors change the lighting.  With the increase of brightness and contrast, they can easily change the lighting and tone. Finally, the photo wears an impressive look. When there is brightness, the detail of the photo gets a clear look. 

Gem Shining : Most of the jewelry photos are about gems. And the photographer tries to make the gems look appealing. But sometimes, the gems take a dull look. They do not shine properly. With the support from the professional jewelry photo editors, you can have some shiny gems.  They remove the spots, marks, change the color tone and perform other necessary editing. As a result, the gem takes a special look than it actually is. And the look is sufficient for impressing the clients.

Benefits of jewelry photo retouching service

Planning for a business of jewelry items? Or dreaming of opening an ecommerce store? And it is about jewelry products? You will need the jewelry photo retouching service from the professionals. 


Because you cannot do jewelry photo retouching using the jewelry retouching photoshop tutorial. It needs an all-out professional effort.  It is a complex photo editing process, and consumes time and effort. On the contrary, you will get some benefits. Some of the key benefits are explained in brief here. jewelry photo retouching service

Attractive outlook : The very first and most impressive issue is that you will get the photos with an attractive outlook. The professionals remove the unwanted elements. They reshape the product photos. Besides, they undergo in-depth cleaning as well. In the end, the photos get a smarter look. You can use the photos to any sort of advertisement to hold attention from the potential clientele. 

Color correction : On the other part, the expert photo editors change the color tone. Most of the cases, this is not possible to get the natural color during photography. It happens for the surrounding conditions, lightings and other issues.  But the photo editors edit all the flaws from the photos. They change the color tone. Or, apply the most suitable color tone for the jewelry product. Finally, the product gets an impressive outlook. 

Background removal : At times, the jewelry photos come with inappropriate background. So, it needs a background removal as well. The photo editors replace the background with the suitable one. They can have any type of background in the photo. As a result, the photo of the jewelry item gets a distinctive look. No matter what the product or item is, they will add the right background which will express the detail of the product. 

Spot removal : Sometimes, the jewelry items arrive with spots. Even cleaning or washing do not remove the spot. So, when you have a photograph, the spots prevail. But such spots can bring a sense of negativity in the mind of the customers. 

Thereby, the jewelry retouching freelance can remove the spots. Using the modern and premium photo editing tools, they can remove the spots within the next few seconds. 

Business growth : In this age, most people love to check the images rather than checking the descriptions. They love to see some eye-catchy pictures of the products. And when it is about jewelry, they are too cautious in this case. 

So, when you upload some jaw-dropping images, you are actually inviting growth to business. 

Quick turnaround : On the other part, the jewelry photo retouching service providers take less time to edit the image. Though the process is a bit complex, the photo editors are expert. They know exactly what to do with the photos. Hence, the turnaround time is comparatively lower. 

What we offer in our Jewelry Retouching Service

As photo jewelry photo editors, we are skilled in different types of jewelry photo editing and retouching. At present, we are providing the following services to our valued clientele. 

  • Scratch removal 
  • Dust removal a
  • Brightening of gems and stones 
  • Background removal 
  • Combined image 
  • Jewelry recoloring 
  • Clipping path 
  • Color adjustment 
  • Brightness/contrast adjustment 
  • Shadow creation 
  • Natural/drop shadow
  • Shadow removal 

Who needs jewelry retouching service?

Jewelry photo retouching service is mostly applicable for those who deal in jewelry items. The range is broad. However, the following people/ organizations may also need the service.

  • Ecommerce business 
  • Jewelers of different levels 
  • Small ornament traders 
  • Magazines 
  • Newspapers 
  • Advertisement agencies 
jewelry retouching company

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is jewelry photo editing?

Jewelry photo editing is the process of making the items look striking. In fact, when a photographer gets the photo of a jewelry product, the detail features remain absent.  It happens for some natural reasons. The lighting may not be sufficient in the shooting zone. Or the product itself might be in a disastrous state. But when the photo retouching is applied, all the distractions vanish from the images. 

The photo editors make the photos look splendid. They remove all the unwanted elements from the photos. Alongside the photo retouching, they also undergo some of the basic editing as well. They crop the photos, change the resolution, shape and size. Finally, the photos of jewelry products get a professional look. 

What is Jewelry retouching service?

In a nutshell, jewelry retouching service refers to the process of polishing the photos of jewelry products. The photo editing experts will find out the flaws and remove them. Professionally. 

Besides, the photo editors also fine-tune the other aspects of the photos. They add some shines as well on the photos. At the end, the photos get an exclusive look. Thereby, you can use the photos for different purposes. Even, you can use them for advertisements as well. No worries for the size, shape or resolution.  

What things are done in jewelry retouching service?

In the jewelry retouching service, a photo undergoes several types of process. First of all, the photo editor removes the spots from the photos. Then, they adjust the lighting in the photo. At times, there are some blemish portions in the photos as well. 

So, they also need removal. The photo editors also remove those marks from the gems and stones. Further, removing the background or adding background is another part here. Before the final submission, the photo editors also change the color tone of the image. It makes the photo look more professional and eye-catchy.  Setting up the image size, resolution, removing distractions – all are the integral part here.

Why choose us for jewelry retouching service?

We are one of the leading jewelry photo retouching service providers. After the inception, we have completed a good number of projects home and abroad. 

Besides, take humble pride in our skilled photo editors. They can make the jewelry items look attractive. Turnaround time is also lower for us. Because of the flexible payment option, you need not to worry at all about clearing the payments. And we follow a smart and standard procedure to complete every project. We hold several meetings to understand your needs. It is not random that you will place an order and we will edit. Instead, we take time to know your needs. And to perform some in-depth research. Finally, we start the job. In the end, our performances make you happier than ever before. 

So, you will turn into a returning customer. 


Neither we use conventional jewelry retouching Photoshop tutorial nor do we hire jewelry retouching freelancers to edit photos. Photo editing experts are working with us to make the worst photo as the best. And we also deliver the projects in due time. At the same time, for diamond jewelry retouching edit, we use premium software. We provide a solid service. And all such factors make us invincible.  


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