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Image Masking service

An image masking service is one in which software like Photoshop is used to hide and reveal different parts of an image to enhance its appeal. The editing process is nondestructive. You are able to make adjustments to the mask layers. In simpler words, Image masking separates an object in an image out of its background. This is done so that the object stands out. The image can then be put over another background if needed. You are able to make simple pictures stand out with the help of image masking. 

Image masking is needed quite a lot. Photo editing is needed or desired in many circumstances. Imagine a marriage ceremony with a lot of photography. A lot of the photographs have to be edited to achieve perfection. It could be necessary in modeling portfolios where certain features are enhanced while other spots are faded. Even passport size photos for passports or job applications require some image masking. There are different types of image processing services. Some of them are discussed below.

Photo retouch house also provide other editing service like clipping path, Photo shadow effect service include (drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow) color change, raster to vector conversion, jewelry retouching, photo retouching, real estate photo editing etc.


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Image masking service at Photo retouching company

Three types of Image masking service

There are three image masking services in Photoshop. They are Layer Masking, Clipping mask and Alpha channel masking. They are different methods with which photos can be altered to look appealing to the beholder. Photoshop Image Masking Service offers a diverse range of ways to alter images for clarity and vividness.

Layer masking service : This is the most common form of Photoshop Image Masking Service. It can be used to hide and show different areas of images. The opacity can be increased or decreased in parts of the image. Layer visibility can be altered using layer masking service. It is possible to make sections of the image invisible or partially visible. You can use brushes to make smooth transitions from visible to invisible. This is especially useful when you are working with a hair masking image.

Clipping Mask: Clipping Mask is a process in which you can use one layer to control the visibility of some other layer. This is possible by placing a layer beneath the layer which is made partially transparent. This concept is very intelligent. You might find it confusing but it is actually quite simple. The clipping mask is made to work in an inverse manner compared to layer masking service. In the clipping mask process, the upper layer will be visible if there are pixels in the bottom layer. If there are no pixels in the bottom layer then the top layer will not show anything.

Alpha Channel Masking: All images are unique and need to be handled differently. Alpha channel masking is not as easy as the last to process but it is quite effective. This type of masking is required when the task of masking is complex. For example, when you are working with a furry transparent background. Hair is very slim, so it is very complicated to work with. It would be very difficult to use brush strokes to mask the thin strands of hair. And it would take a lot of time too. If the image has enough contrast in it you can use the alpha channel asking process. It is a method where after increasing contrast, black parts turn white and white turns black. You then copy that on to another layer. After that Color Decontaminate is used on furry strands.

FAQ for Image masking service 

How is the Image Masking done?

Image masking is mainly done using 3 processes. These processes are Layer making, Clip masks and Alpha channel masking. The first two processes are quite easy to do. The third process is a bit complex and is used for hair or furry areas. The ideal software to use while masking is Adobe Photoshop. The main idea is to make certain areas of the image visible while others spots are not. Removing the background of a certain object in the image makes it possible for the object to be focused on or for a replacement of background. Masking is done using the manipulation of layers and channels. Brushes can be used to gently remove the undesired areas to reveal the object in layer clipping. In clip masks, the process is opposite to layer clipping. The background layer that is under the layer in which the object is determined is visibility. In Alpha channel masking, the picture has to be of high contrast. If that is not the case then the contrast can be increased manually.  Color Decontaminate tool is used to work on delicate strands of hair or fur.

Where do you need Image Masking service?

Image masking services are required for a lot of reasons. The media industry is a multi million dollar industry and it constantly requires image manipulation. We see ads of all sorts every day. Whether it is a billboard or a magazine cover. The images used are almost always highly desirable and aesthetically appealing. This is done using Masking services. Professional images that are used in advertisements are always edited to perfection. The people that we see on these ads rarely look the way they are represented in the ads. Other than professional applications, making services are also required for regular people too. You will find yourself asking for masking services when you have to go and take a photo for passport sized photographs that may be necessary for your national id or CV. masking services are required for photographs taken in special events like birthdays or weddings. Today everyone uses social networks and publishes photos on a daily basis. A lot of these amateur users use image masking to tweak up their pictures for better reviews and comments. Overall the impact of mass publication in media new and old has made Image masking inevitable. 

Why choose us for Image masking service?

Image masking is an art. It is true that anyone can learn it but to do it professionally is something completely different. If you care for the quality of your image and you want it to be beautiful beyond what it is then you should always go to the best Image masking service. We are proud to say that we have been doing this for years and we have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients. We take image masking seriously. That is the reason why people come to us with their images when all others fail. We work with meticulous details and no one will say that we do sloppy work. Our service is the most affordable one out in the market and we do exceptional work. There is no task too difficult for us and we always deliver in time. I strongly urge you to consider us as we are truly the best in Image masking. No one else will give life to your pictures the way we will.


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