Paint Tool Sai vs Photoshop

Paint Tool Sai vs Photoshop | Pros, Cons, Features + Comparison

Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai, which one is the best photo editing tool? There are long debates on this matter among die-hard photo editing users. But, we are not going to have a debate. In this article, we will learn about the two most prominent photo editing tools, paint tool sai and photoshop. Apart from that, we will learn features, pros, cons and will make a comparison to know which one is the most productive and effective.

Why should we edit our photos?

When we talk about photography, one thing that comes to mind automatically after photography is photo editing. Because editing is an important part of the photography process. But, did you ever ask yourself why you should edit your photos always? So, here are the few reasons we gathered up.

The images always require to be processed. Either the camera does it, or you do it.  or the camera does it. When a camera captures an image, whatever format you choose, the camera takes it as “RAW” file format on the first shot. After that, the camera will process the RAW file. The camera automatically adds saturation, applies noise reduction and contrast, applies to sharpen, and some other features too. Then the camera flattens the file and processed it in your desired file format. On the contrary, we can process the photo as well. From the camera, we can shoot the photo in RAW format, and the camera does not do any editing. After that, we can apply the saturation, contrast, sharpening as per our preference.

Editing gives a second chance to make it correct. Because, when you capture a photo by camera, the output of the photo is sometimes not up to the mark even if we strive to get the best shot. Editing gives us a chance to edit any format like JPEG, PNG, RAW as per our preference.

Another reason for editing the photo is to tell your clearer story to the audience. Because sometimes the camera does not reflect the moment accurately. Either we did not do the camera settings right or did not capture the mood in-camera fully. So, editing gives us a chance to bring these back within the image.

Editing helps you to develop your own style. It’s not always the style of image and background, it is to make your own signature of style. Editing allows the world to know your way of viewing the world. When you experiment a new style, your learning of editing an image will flourish.

Why do we need photo editing tools?

Photo editing maybe sometimes easy, but being hard most of the time. To get an incredible photo, we just need a powerful tool to edit. Photo editing tools are able to provide every possible way of editing features. In fact, all the graphics designing and photo editing professionals use various photo editing tools to serve the clients. Photo editing tools able to give Automatic Image Enhancement, Data Compression, Image Selection Option, Use of Layer, Resizing the Images, Cropping Images, and lots more. In fact, all photo editing professionals use at least one and even more than one image editing tools to fulfill different purposes. Let’s talk about two of the most prominent photo editing tools, Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop.

Paint Tool Sai vs Photoshop

Paint Tool Sai: Paint Tool SAI is the simplest and easiest drawing software. Its features are very simple, it has those tools which are only related and important for drawing or artwork. The features are easily customizable, only a double click will do the job. Apart from that, it has a good brush selector where you can readily alter the size, color, flow, weight of the brushes. It has an advanced color selection feature like a color wheel and hex codes. This tool gives you good freedom of drawing.

Top Features

  • It has full support on graphics tablets
  • Advanced color pallets and color selection
  • Basic brush sets with customization
  • Numerous shape tools
  • Layer management
  • File management


  • Very simple and lightweight Software and easy to recognize features.
  • Easily customizable tools. You can rename the tools and create the shortcuts easily.
  • It is compatible with a lot of common formats of digital arts, but not as much as Photoshop’s.
  • Better selection features than Photoshop.
  • Lineart layer’s line fixing tools work efficiently to fix little details of lines and also create modifiable Vectors.
  • It is a very popular software among people who paint or draw anime or Manga styles.


  • There is no tool or feature to add text in this software.
  • Light, colors, and shadows are not easily modifiable.
  • The built-in brushes are limited. But, you can create on your own.
  • To do the final touches of artwork or to add text, people have to use Photoshop beside the paint tool sai.
  • Supports only the English language.


Photoshop is the most used software around the globe for artwork, photo editing, and graphics. It is built up with tons of tools and features for artwork as well as for photo editing. It is probably the most powerful photo tool where you can adjust the tools and brushes, you can use a blender, create layers and masks, add text, change colors, adjust light and shadows as per your preference, fix little final details of your artwork, and many more.


  • Various shape, fill, line, gradient tools are available.
  • It has an advanced color selector.
  • Layer creation and layer management
  • Lots of different customizable brushes. You can create your own brush as well.
  • Wide range of editing and selection tools.
  • Able to import textures and patterns.
  • It has supported various languages.


  • Very resourceful for Painting or Drawing.
  • You will find every possible feature to do a drawing or photo editing within Photoshop.
  • You are able to make your own shortcuts, and adjust the default settings to save your time.
  • Scanned drawings are easily editable.


  • Because of tons of features, you may freak at the beginning, you need lots of patience and time to learn.
  • Photoshop needs the fastest computer because of its lots of resources.

Who is the best player?

It is very tough to give a verdict on who is the best. Because each one has their own unique identity.

Paint Tool Sai is basically dedicated to drawings and creating digital artworks. It is mostly suitable for those who have the hobby of artwork even if it has limited features unlike Photoshop. for professional-grade work.

On the other hand, Photoshop is dedicated to all level professionals as well as hobbyists. It is suitable for graphic designers, web designers, and digital artists. You can vastly use it for print media.

In comparison to Paint tool Sai, Photoshop wins the game for its tons of features which led to maximize user satisfaction.


So, that is the comparison of the two great photo editing programs. It is not easy to draw a conclusion on which one is better. Because user to user experience may differ. You should not limit yourself to professional user’s verdicts. You have to choose the right one depending on your own needs.

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